The Hourglass stick foundation has quickly become a favourite of mine.

Why I love this product?

Its full coverage! Which is ideal for me a little goes a long way. The formula is so concentrated, therefore it offers ultimate coverage. It is waterproof and wears 12 hours, which I can stand by. I sometimes wear my foundation for 18+ hours and this does last! It covers all my scaring/discolouration better than any foundation I have previously tried. It’s not drying when applied, and it’s a super soft texture that melts into my skin. Also on days where I don’t feel like wearing a full face, I take a very small amount and really buff it around and I can get a very natural coverage or the “no foundation look” with it as well. I do use a brush to blend this out, I personally prefer applying this foundation with a brush and not a beauty blender. I found that I didn’t get the same flawless finish when I used the beauty blender. I did also purchase the brush that hourglass came out with, however I felt it streaking and I just didn’t like the finish. I use the it Sephora collections foundation buffing brush, and together these two are a dream. I have been using this foundation since 2017 and no matter how many times I’ve tried switching it up by trying new products, I always come back to this. I love that it blurs your’s pores without looking caked or heavy, but my number one thing about this product is how it really feels weightless!

What I like don’t about this product?

It does come at a higher price point and doesn’t last that long! It isn’t the best for oily skin, however its still manageable with primers and setting powders to control oil! I usually set with a translucent powder, and blot my t zone 5-6 hours in!

What colour I wear?

I am about a Mac NC 40 and I got the colour golden, which I picked because of the yellow undertone! Its SO yellow, and I absolutely love that, it cancels out most of the discolouration around my mouth area, without a corrector! They have a massive range of shades for you to choose from.

Where you can purchase this?

You can purchase this product from Sephora.

How much is this product?

56$ CAD