What is this tinted stick you ask?

They are multi-purpose sticks that can be used for colour correcting around your eyes, lips and cheeks! They come in 3 different shades called Origin, Rise, and Perk.


They are vegan, cruelty-free and don’t contain any sulfates or parabens! So they’re super safe and even contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins C & E!

Why I like it?

I love how they are multi-purpose and that they are super diverse and universal so they work for all skin types and skin tones! They are compact and kit-friendly and easy to take with you on-the-go. The packaging is beautiful and very ecstatically designed. It’s super creamy in texture and I use it for both colour correcting and on the lips for some color and I loved it for both! 

My go to shade is Origin which is more of a darker red to correct dark under eyes or for dark pigmentation. As a bonus it’s also a the perfect deep red for the lips.

The orange colour called Rise I feel is more universal so if you are going to buy one, this is the colour I recommend. It works really well for pretty much all medium skin tones especially as an under eye corrector and perfect for creating a warm, orangey, almost terracotta eye and same for the lips! 

The last one which is Perk is like a pinky nude tone. I’ve only tried it on the lips so far but I think it would look great on the eyes as well and for more fair skin tones, I think it would look great on the cheeks if applied as a blush. What I love doing with Perk is to colour correct the lips and apply it before I put on lipstick to make sure the lipstick shows up nice and opaque (similar to how you would use an eyeshadow primer) and also just a little in the centre of the lips after applying lipstick to highlight the lips and make them look more pouty!

What I don’t like?

The formula even though it is creamy can have a bit of a matte finish so I don’t like to blend with a beauty blender personally, I find using my fingers or a dense brush works best for me. But again if you’re prepping right and using primers and oils and eye creams underneath, then you shouldn’t have too many blending issues.

What shades I recommend? 

  1. Rise! It’s not an in-your-face orange, it’s a nice warm orange that really complements your skin which I love because I normally feel like I can’t wear oranges but this one I definitely can! I actually can’t wait for them to add more shades!


They cost $24 individually or you can get all 3 for $60 from their website!


What colour I personally wear? 

For myself I would definitely use Rise as a corrector which is the orangey shade, and all 3 for my lips!

I hope you enjoyed this review, please comment questions or future reviews you would like to see!