Tarte shape tape has been the best concealer since I first started using it back in 2017 and fast forward to 2021, it is still the best concealer I have ever tried, used and to exist on the market to this day! 

I have tried so many concealer’s and I have loved so many of them but this concealer is just ridiculously that good! Before using this, I was using Urban decay naked skin concealer but now if I ever go back and use that one from time to time, I still like it but it just does not come near to compare to the Tarte shape tape. 

The only way you would not like this is, if you don’t like a super full coverage concealer. Even then you could still blend it out of course and only use a tiny dot. 

Why I love this so much?

  • It’s super full coverage, and a little goes a long way.
  • It drys to a semi-matte which I absolutely love!
  • It does not crease and stays on all day, even in the summer!
  • It doesn’t oxidize on my skin

I wear the color light-medium which is for (light to medium skin with neutral undertones) and I use my beauty blender to blend it out. For night-out looks where I want to go super glam with a brighter under eyes, then I like to mix in light-natural ( light skin with neutral undertones). But I always, always set and bake my under-eyes! Even on days where I want a more natural look, I’ll quickly set it with my loose baking powder.

I don’t think anything can get better than this concealer. I’ve been ride or die for this since day one! I’ve tried many others after I started using this concealer back in 2017, but the Tarte Shape Tape changed my life and my make-up game where I always ended up coming back to this! 

What I don’t like?

Unfortunately you aren’t able to purchase this product in Canada. Why? I wish I knew guys. But you are able to purchase this from Ulta or the Tarte website.

But take my word, this is worth it!! If you’ve used this before you already know what I’m talking about and how great this is! If you haven’t, you are missing out! Get your hands on this ASAP! 

Check out my blog post on my favourite baking powder if your interested in reading about how I set and bake.

Leave a comments down below and let me know who’s tried this already and your thoughts?

Chat soon!