Hey beauties!

Today I am sharing my top 2 fragrances that I always go back to and that are always in my rotation. To be honest I’ll probably wear these for the rest of my life. I truly feel that every girls needs at least one of these! 

Any guesses on what they may be? If you think you know, drop the name down below in the comments.

My Top 2 Fragrance From CHANEL:

1. Coco Mademoiselle. 

This scent smells very classy it has that timeless Chanel elegance to it. It’s very strong and long lasting so 1 spray is all you need. It is classy and sexy and perfect for the office but you can also wear it for date night. It’s very versatile! I personally think this is.I personally think this is a great scent to wear during the fall/winter just because I think it is a little too warm for the hot summer weather.


$ 130 CAD 50ml

$ 185 CAD 100ml

$ 295 CAD 200ml

2. CHANCE Chanel 

This fragrance is a little bit citrusy and also has some pineapple in it so it is a little bit fruity. This is perfect for the summer and the spring and in warmer weather. It has a bit more lightness to it 

This fragrance has more of a vanilla vibe. To me, is just ultimate class, it is just amazing! This is one perfume I need to have with me all the time. If I had to pick just one fragrance that I could wear all year round I think this would just be it. It’s very sexy, very classy. To me this is the equivalent of Blue de CHANEL for men. Ps..If you guys haven’t smelled Blue de CHANEL it is very classy, sexy men’s fragrance and you should run out now and pick it up for your man. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

If you guys are looking for Ultimate classy go to, cant go wrong. signature scent day and night and all year round, this is your girl! 


$ 123 CAD 50ml

$ 172 CAD 100ml

If you guys haven’t smelt these fragrances yet, you absolutely need too! To me they are some of the most elegant, timeless, classy Chanel fragrance you can possibly have. They are appropriate for multiple ages, and appropriate for multiple occasions so you cant really go wrong. They do retail on the higher side but if you are willing to splurge, then I definitely recommend getting your hands on these! They are also great gifts, anyone who would receive these would absolutely love it! They will forever be a staple in my life and I feel that they’ve become my signature scent.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!