About Me

Hey there! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC which I till today I still call home. I was born with the love for beauty and fashion and being bluntly honest which gets me into more trouble then you would think. But most importantly me being able to help others with my experiences! 

Have you ever been out and you saw someone wearing a cute outfit and wondered dam where did they that it from? But duh.. you’re obviously not going to go walk up to them and ask right? 

So yeah.. I’m that girl that would walk up to you and tell you that you look fabulous and politely ask you where you bought it from. Or you see someone with a beautiful balayage and want to ask who their stylist is because the girl you found on IG with a million followers took you platinum blond in one session and all your hair fell off, true story by the way. Well, I would ask! So since I’m always on the hunt for genuinely the best in Vancity, and none of that BS from social media because I’ve lived and learned so you don’t have to. So only feels right if I share it with you all!

I wanted to create a safe platform to share my experiences and honest reviews about local companies in which I’ve had a personal customer experience with. There is so much information online and it’s easy to sometimes get swept away by the number of instagram followers a company or person has. But those followers do not necessarily mean anything. Many times I’ve come across local companies with large following where their reviews, pictures etc. look very promising. But when I’ve gone in for a service, to my surprise it was nothing as it was advertised to be. Can anyone else relate?

Which is why I started this blog where I will post my honest, real experiences and reviews about companies and services along with beauty and fashion blogs about new trends, outfits, makeup products and treatments I recommend. Oh and of course keeping up with the latest trends in beautiful Vancouver, BC and new arising companies.

As a local don’t you want to keep up to date with thats hot in Vancity?